A few thoughts:

Mercy. Grace. Patience. Forgiveness. Long suffering. Kindness. Joy. Love. Receiving Christ as Savior & Lord makes us NEW creations in Christ. The Bible says that the old has past away, BEHOLD He makes all things new!

Love covers AND tells truth. #fact Our friend & brother Bryann Trejo wasn’t “arrested”. He wasn’t wrongly accused of anything. He simply chose obedience to God regardless of the potential consequences or what any man might think about him and turned himself in for an OLD charge, for something he did as the “old man”. Not the new man. The old man would have stayed quiet. This act of obedience is evidence of a transformed life. It produces fruit. It’s what love looks like.

This new man God has created Bryann to be now shares the transforming power of what God did in his own life with others. With whoever will listen and with those who won’t! It’s ok. This is work that can keep people OUT of jail who would otherwise be going in, had they not surrendered their lives to Christ through an encounter with Him through Bryann.

This isn’t about “free Bryann”, (side note: that’s ridiculous).

Where the Battle is Won

We trust God’s will be done and want grace for him with the court (like time served at sentencing) ONLY because we want to see him with his family (wife Monica Hill Trejo& kids), free to travel and spread the love of Christ anywhere God sends them. They are a dynamic duo for the Kingdom. Soldiers! Once this is behind them ...they are limitless and to God be all of the glory.

We all deserve hell, but God has mercy & grace on us. Praise Him.


Not for nothing, but our tax dollars can be better spent as well.

Inside of the jail, I’m certain they are loving having Bryann around (the guards & inmates) and God is using him mightily. Absolutely, he is on a God mission and we are in awe of what God is doing in this season. Not just with Bryann but in every life his life touches. We are watching it all unfold in compelling ways. It’s a beautiful thing, also, when what is hidden in all of us (the body of Christ) is exposed. It is when we face trials and tribulations in life, true colors appear. Good & bad. May we each look at ourselves (as believers) and celebrate victories as well as repent for any wicked way that’s revealed as remaining inside of us so that we can stand before God as pure vessels, ready and able to serve Him whole heartedly. Full of His power! Changing the world for His Kingdom purpose.

Some of us are in shackles & behind bars... though we are on the OUTSIDE (not in physical jail, spiritual bondage).

Let’s be honest. It’s time to get FREE! In Jesus’ Name. Then watch God use you, the way He uses Bryann.

❤️ If you need prayer, we will lift you up. Comment or inbox us. (Men inbox David Brown Jr., ladies inbox me.)

Much love & God bless!

Written By: Melinda Brown

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