We are so excited to welcome Bryann Trejo of Kingdom Muzic back to New England for the 2nd year in a row.  Bryann’s story is one of hope, love and healing that is sure to be an inspiration to all, right where they are at in life. On October 27, 2018 Bryann will share how he overcame every obstacle meant to destroy his life. He will share how he became the husband, father, friend and leader of Kingdom Muzic ministry that he is today.  We will also have live worship by Beautiful Mess Ministries out of Syracuse New York.  They will open the night with praises to the one who made this all possible!  Our Lord Jesus!  If that wasn't enough Psalms of Men out of Rhode Island will be sharing a powerful message of hope that is sure to encourage anyone despite what they may be going through in life.

HOPE4ALL will surely bring hope for all! The day will begin with a team of "hope dealers" coming together to do an outreach at Parade Plaza in downtown New London that will consist of loving on all people as we uplift and encourage those in our community.  We will also give out winter essentials to the homeless to help prepare them for the winter ahead.  All of this and more is in store for this special day.

Following our day of hope, you are invited to join us for a NIGHT of hope.  This will be a night of love, music, poetry, inspiring stories shared by people who have also overcome obstacles, a bunch of giveaways and so much more.   Beautiful Mess Ministries will open the night with powerful worship to set the atmosphere.  Men, women, and children from all walks of life will join together for one common purpose and that’s to bring HOPE4ALL.  Please join us and invite others. Also,  bring your friends!  Last year nearly 200 people attended and lives were eternally changed and transformed.  This year we’re expecting even more lives to be powerfully impacted.

Meet Bryann Trejo: Bryann “Kingdom Minded” Trejo’s story is one not only one of God’s overcoming power but also of His redeeming grace. Born in Corpus Cristi, TX, Bryann had a troubled childhood, to say the least. To say he made some bad choices would be an understatement. This troubled path reached it’s tipping point when Bryann was charged with 2 counts of attempted murder. It was during this very dark time in Bryann’s life, while awaiting trial, when he made the choice to give his life over to God . What was to be a 30 year prison sentence was reduced to 7 years plus time served. Bryann was then released on good behavior after serving only 4 years in prison. Shortly after Bryann was released from prison, came another traumatic blow. Bryann got word that his identical twin brother, Ryan Trejo (also a Christian Rapper), was murdered. Bryann came face to face with the truest testing of his faith and found himself challenged as thoughts of revenge clenched his mind in his excruciating pain. But, with God’s help, Bryann overcame this and instead of seeking revenge, he chose to love the murderers of his brother. This is where Bryann’s choice to press into God for comfort, healing and forgiveness resulted in the catapulting of what we now know as Kingdom Muzic. 
Bryann will be the first to tell you that he's not a rapper. He says, "I am only an evangelist that happens to know how to rhyme with words when I preach. My heart is not in a career for music. I don't want a record label or industry to ever put me in a box to be someone I was never created to be. I am only using this gift that God gave me to win souls and fish for more." 

Meet Beautiful Mess Ministries: 
Hailing from Syracuse, New York and Oxford Pennsylvania, the Beautiful Mess team starts with the family members of Chris, Tim and Michael Ehrhart.  They began playing music and writing songs together in 2009 when they noticed the true power that music has people and in a larger way, culture.  After playing shows and seeing the inspiration and fulfillment from the songs, and times of worship, Beautiful Mess wondered what it would be like to carry that out into our everyday lives- changing lives to be fulfilled, and purposeful.  Feeling the weight of a culture that influences us to more negative things, Beautiful Mess Ministries was formed to combat this culture of things that take us away from who we were meant to be.  We believe at Beautiful Mess Ministries that through inspiration, growth in our relationship with God and bringing to light the good around us, we can change lives and change culture to focus on the things that make us whole.  Join our movement by attending, serving or donating and help us make a change.

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